As the Third Age came to an end, the fallen god Izrador triumphed over the free nations of Aryth. The corrupt lieutenants of the Shadow in the North, the Night Kings, rule with an iron fist over ruined cities and broken kingdoms. Twisted spirits hunt down the last true masters of magic. The dark god’s vile priesthood, the legates of the Order of Shadow, seek out elven spies, dwarven insurgents, and the few brave humans who stand defiant against the night in the Age of Shadow.

In the world of Midnight, evil rules and the last, brave heroes strive against unbeatable odds.midnight-1.png The lands of men have been crushed under the iron heels of the Night Kings and their minions and the lands of the fey are besieged on all sides by the dark hordes of the Shadow in the North. Those who would resist the dominion of the dark god must often do so from the shadows, fighting a secret war that most people believe was lost a hundred years ago.

The heroes of Midnight stand against orcish hordes with snow elf warriors in the frozen woods of northern Erethor. They travel the barren lands of the Dorns and fight a guerilla war in the shadow of the broken Fortress Wall. They join with gnome smugglers to carry food and medicines to the besieged dwarven clans of the Kaladruns. They ride with Sarcosan outlaws and halfling nomads on the open plains of central Erenland. They elude scheming legates and their magic-sniffing spirit servitors as they search for the priceless artifacts of a lost age. These heroes fight to defend isolated towns from the ravages of fell beasts and undead—the same towns that shun them as troublemakers and glory-seekers.

In the world of Midnight, the rewards of heroism are not fortune and fame. In this age of shadow, your hero fights only to guard the last lights in a darkening world and to preserve the glimmer of hope that the long night will pass.

This is the legacy the heroes of Midnight have inherited and the world they must survive. As the Shadow falls across the world, they are the few brave and defiant souls who dare to oppose the tyranny of the Night Kings. They struggle to stem the tide of darkness and restore hope to a despairing world. Pursued by the Night Kings’ foul minions and the secretive legates of the Order of Shadow, these heroes will never receive parades and victory feasts as the reward for the their noble efforts. Their greatest foes are often the suspicion, resentment, and fear of the very people they strive to champion and protect.


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